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Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl

Himalayan Salt Lighted Abundance Bowl

Salt Lamps

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Abundance!  A beautiful way to improve the quality of the air you breath!  Himalayan Salts provide many health benefits including improved sleep, increased energy and reduced allergies.   On top of the health benefits observed, lighted Himalayan Salt products create a calming and comforting setting. 

Lighted Hand carved Himalayan Salt Bowl with bulb approximately 8-10 lbs, 8-9” tall

Naturally formed crystals that come from deep inside the Southern Himalayan Mountains made up of 80 naturally occurring minerals.  The Salt is some 250 million years old and has been mined for many uses.  The most common use is lighted salt products due to the natural ability to promote peace and calm and some report significant health benefits.  The most common benefit is the ability to absorb more oxygen.  Negative ions increase in count when water and moisture evaporate from the surface of the salt lamps.  It is believed that the negative ions help in reducing electromagnetic radiation caused by our electronic devices like computers, TVs, microwaves and vacuum cleaners.  Positive ions exacerbate problems like allergies, stress and sleep issues. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions and help cleanse the air through bonding.

Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy.  They may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles. 

The process of Hygroscopy occurs when the lighted salt products attract water molecules from the surrounding environment absorbing the foreign particles and molecules. As the bulb heats up the bowl the water evaporates back into the air and the trapped particles (dust, pollen, smoke, etc.) remain locked in the salt.  The negative ions released in the air clean the indoor air.

Maintenance:  clean your bowl when it starts looking dingy because it's doing its job.  Turn off, let cool down, unplug it, take damp cloth or sponge and gently wipe away debris from surface of crystal, pat dry with lint-free cloth.

Replacement bulbs: for bulb burnout replace recommended low watt bulb.  Flickering of light needs to be examined.  Cool down, unplug, remove bulb, check electrical components.  Short tubular 15 watt bulbs are available by Sterl Lighting or long tubular 25 watt bulbs are available by Sterl Lighting or Generic.  If cord fails at any point down the road you can purchase a replacement easily. You can also upgrade to a dimmer switch replacement cord (Amazon).

Warnings: In humid climates bowls tend to weep when salt becomes cool.  Protect surfaces by placing a saucer underneath.  Managing excessive sweat by keeping lamp on 24/7 (remember it's low energy usage), find a less humid area in home (avoid bathroom/kitchen/laundry), use a higher wattage bulb, but stay within manufacturer's specifications for max bulb strength, pat dry with lint-free cloth.

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