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Beautyganics is my business for the love of my children and the planet we live on. My goal is to use organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients

My name is Hayley and I started BeautyGanics for my children. For 15 years I have been a muralist in Northern California. In 2013 I had my first child. When I learned about all the horrible things that is our bath products I was devastated. The more research I did the more I wanted to make it a priority to never use regular store bought products again. I decided to make my own. It became an addiction and a huge love of mine. I make soap, lotion, whips, scrubs, hair care, facial creams and balms, and some beauty products. Eventually I would love to sell and make them all for everyone. We all need to educated ourselves and vow to use products that are good for us and good for our earth.