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In the Spring of 2015, my brand new husband and I were driving from Boston to New York City on the back half of our fabulous honeymoon and discussing what I was going to do when I made the incredible lifestyle change of moving from sunny Florida, USA to cloudy Midlands, UK.

"I had this idea where I would make my own paper, and then use it to make fun sculptures of houses."

That sounds absurd probably, but it wasn't so crazy: I have a degree in graphic design, several years experience in architecture, and a lifetime of experience in making things rather than buying them - it was the perfect marriage of things I love and things I am good at without the stress of finding a job in a foreign country! My darling new husband looked at me sideways, judged I wasn't nuts, and smiled-and-nodded his agreement to let me give it a go.

Flash forward a couple months: I have moved to my new country, fit my things into my new home, and tried to make paper in my new kitchen. And failed. Miserably. Over, and over, and over again. While woefully inspecting yet another piece of thick, ugly, handmade paper (in retrospect it was actually pretty nice, but not 'good-enough' for my dream business) I somehow thought of turning it into a handmade book.

That random thought changed my life, and now I have a little bookbinding shop here on Etsy! It was not at all what I set out to do, but I LOVE my job.