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Yhtack in Stitches is a small business based out of Northern Virginia. The company was started when Cathy Harkless, the co-founder of the company decided to use her passions to start a business to provide gift ideas, promotional products and unique products to clients. We provide embroidery, digitizing, crocheting, knitting and monogram services.

We are awesome

We provide phenomenal services for our clients. Each of our projects receives the care and attention that is needed. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and we appreciate you considering us for your next project.

We are innovative

We help our clients imagine the possibilities. Whether it is a fraternity, church or even a company or organization, we are focused on developing creative and innovative ideas for our clients and customers.

We are evolving

We are constantly on the forefront of the latest technology and improving our business to provide exceptional service to our clients.