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New seller?

How do I ship my order?

*BIG & IMPORTANT: The cost of shipping has already been paid by your buyer. 

Based on your location & your provided dimensions; Bloomforth has already generated a USPS for your buyer and he/she already paid along with the merchandise at checkout. 


Step 1: Package your item. Feel free to use any envelopes / boxes that you have at home. Depends on what your buyer chose, you can even stock up the priority mail boxes for the future. (Go here!) 

Step 2: Get your prepaid shipping label. The cost of shipping has already been paid by your buyer.

Step 3: Print and attach your label. We will send you your prepaid Bloomforth shipping label as an email attachment so that you can print it anywhere. Be careful when you put it on that the barcode isn't covered by anything. even clear tape! 

Step 4: Mail it. You can give the package to your regular mailman/mailwoman, put in in the mailbox, or bring it in any US Postal Service

Step 5: Track your Shipment. 

Step 6: Get Paid!