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New seller?

My customer said the dispute was a mistake. How do I get the dispute reversed?

If you’ve talked to your customer and they’ve agreed to drop the dispute, there are a couple next steps. First, have your customer call their bank and let them know. This is critical, since the bank won’t know your customer has dropped it unless your customer tells them.

Secondly, even though the customer has already agreed to withdraw the dispute through their bank, you must still submit evidence for the dispute. Your evidence should indicate to the bank that your customer wishes to drop the dispute, and must include any email evidence you have where the customer may say that. If your customer had specific complaints that led to the dispute, be sure to address those in the evidence. Failing to provide evidence even though the customer agreed to drop the dispute could still result in you losing the dispute.

Once you’ve done those two things, we need to wait for the bank to let us know that the dispute has been closed in your favor. As soon as they do that, we will return the full amount of the charge and the associated $15.00 fee to you. Do note that this process can take quite a while—it’s not unusual for a bank to take up to 60 days to notify us of their decision. As soon as we know that the dispute is closed in your favor we will send you an email.