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Most marketplaces nickle and dime just to list your products. At Bloomforth, we say: Adios, listing fee!


Listing Fee

3.1% + 15 ¢

Transaction Fee

2.9% + 30 ¢

Processing Fee

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We are looking for sellers who

Appreciate the power of data that will drive growth
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Passionate and business minded
Tired of overpaying for fees
Desire to turn passion into a business


Why do I need to wait for approval?

We take our mission to serve small & independent businesses very seriously; therefore, all sellers need to go through an approval process before selling on the MarketPlace to insure that we stay true to our mission.

If you have any questions regarding the approval process, please contact us.

How long does the approval process take, and what do I need?

We typically take 12 - 24 hours to complete the whole verification process.

We use the data from your application as well as your public social media profiles. In certain cases, we may require the last four digits of your social security number or your business EIN.

How do sellers get paid?

We use Stripe to process payments, which enables you easily and securely to accept from a wide variety of payment methods.

Funds from your sales are deposited directly to your bank account, no matter how or from where the buyer pays.

Are the apps included?

Our inventory management system is included with your membership. For all other applications, you may check pricing here.

How do fees work?

Joining, starting, and listing an item on the MarketPlace is completely free. There are two basic selling fees: a transaction fee and a payment processing fee.

Once an item sells, there is a 3.1% + $0.15 transaction fee on the total sale price. We also collect a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee when an item is sold.

What can I sell on the MarketPlace

You can sell toys, comics, clothes, jewelry, and much more on the MarketPlace.

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