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Zabe’s Quilts LLC began in 2015 after nearly two decades of sewing expertise was finally placed  under a single brand.  Over the past eighteen years I have been sewing for friends and family, but it wasn’t until I combined my twin loves of fabric and customer service did my company flourish.  In addition to being a sought after quilter, I have completed my Associates in Marketing and am currently finishing my business degree.  As an US NAVY Veteran, an active Firearms Instructor, a wife of 10 years, and a mother to two beautiful children; I know how to balance customer service, skill, and enthusiasm. 

My signature product line is my Thin Line Quilt Series, quilts crafted in honor of police forces, firefighters, military personal, and many others who sacrifice for civil service.  I believe strongly in supporting these members of our society, which is why I also offer these service quilts at a variety of price points. I want everyone who needs one to have one. I also offer more traditional quilts, such as baby quilts and family keepsakes.  When I create a quilt, I am creating more than just a blanket.  I am turning your memories into something tangible, something you can hold for comfort, something to remind you of the best times of your life, something to remember.  Whether you are looking for a memorial or an heirloom to pass down the generations, my quilts are made with a dedication to excellence and are designed to last. 

My company name is a play on my maiden name and the image created by an SZ.  When written together it looks like a heart and this harkens back to my company mission:  “Bespoke love, one stitch at a time…”

I look forward to what 2016 brings me! You can follow or shop at any of the links below!

-Sara Peal



Twitter- @ZabesQuilts